Potato Distribution Simplified

Spud Tracker is a Potato Distribution Management System, which simplifies the tracking of potato from field to chip. Spud Tracker uses the season’s contracts between distributor and buyer and distributor and the various growers to estimate payments on loads and validate payments on loads. It automates the import of quality metrics provided by the buyer upon receipt of each load and tracks inventory in each storage bin.

We offer a cost effective and integrated way of tracking your inventory, whether in the field or potato houses, managing contracts with buyers and processors, tracking what has shipped, how it was shipped, where it was shipped, quality metrics associated with each load, payments received from the buyer / processor, and payments made to growers, shipping or washing companies.

Stop wasting time with complex spreadsheets or pen and paper processes.

SpudTracker can run on the your local computer network or in the cloud.

  • Features

  • Manage Seasons
    • Dates
    • Taxes
    • Plants
    • Transport Carriers
    • Prices
    • Bonuses
    • Defects
    • Produce Varieties
  • Manage Growers
    • Grower Name
    • Address
    • Contact Info
    • Bins
    • Varieties
    • Weights
    • Rates
    • Payable Loads
  • Manage Loads
    • PO Numbers
    • Buyers
    • Weights
    • Quality Metrics
    • Bonuses
    • Payments
    • Prices
  • Manage Payments
    • Buyer Payments
    • Grower Payments
    • Washing Payments
    • Print Payment Reports
    • Export Payment Reports to CSV
  • Configurable Detailed Reports
    • Load Report
    • Grower Bin Report
    • Bin Report

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News & Media

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    Steve Wimmer, founding partner of Sweden Street Software, talks spud tracking software on Friday morning's Potato Pickers Special (WAGM-TV)
  • SCORE recognizes success stories with annual awards
    SpudTracker won the 2018 SCORE Maine Technology Business Award (MaineBiz)